Surprise Yosemite Proposal

Ashley and Alexis

Late one afternoon Alexis secretly packed up a backpack with two glasses, a bottle of champagne, and an engagement ring. Together with his partner Ashley, they hiked up to the top of Sentinel Dome to watch the sunset together. Shortly after summiting, the took in the view across Yosemite Valley together, seemingly at the top of the world. Then, in a moment of complete surprise Alexis dropped to one knee and pulled a ring seemingly out of thin air much to the delight of Ashely.

Sentinel Dome is stunning at any time of day, but there's extra magic up there at sunset. If you venture to the top, you'll be treated to 360 degree views of the Sierra. At sunset you'll be able to watch the sun slowly slip below the horizon to the West while watching a beautiful wash of color pass over peaks as far as the eye can see.