How to Marry in Yosemite

Don’t worry, it’s actually fairly easy to marry your partner in Yosemite, but as marriage holds legal standing there are a few rules to follow. There are only three things that you and your partner need to have a wedding in Yosemite National Park no matter the size of your wedding:

  • California Marriage License ~ $60
  • Yosemite Wedding Permit – $150
  • Wedding Officiant ~ Price varies

Just below you'll find links to both the Mariposa County Clerk's Office where you can obtain a California Marriage License and Yosemite Special Uses Office where you can obtain a Yosemite Wedding Permit. Additionaly, we have the contact information for a few of the wedding officiants that we work with on a regular basis - feel free to reach out to them and talk with them about your wedding plans and ideas.

Ready to move forward?

  1. In order to obtain a valid California Wedding License, you will need to visit a California County Clerk’s Office with a Photo ID for both you and your partner. The license is valid for 90 days from the time you get it and must be returned to the County Recorder’s Office within 10 days after the wedding ceremony. If you are in California, you can stop by your local County Clerk’s Office to obtain a Marriage License. If you are not a California resident and only traveling to Yosemite for your wedding, I would suggest stopping by the Mariposa County Clerk’s Office to obtain your Marriage License. The office is small and rarely crowded, so it’s easy to get in and out quickly.
  2. Next up is your Yosemite Wedding Permit. While there seems to be much confusion about the need for this, National Park Service is currently requesting that anyone having a wedding ceremony in Yosemite obtain a Wedding Permit. Unfortunately, the Special Use Office tends to be fairly overworked and it is common to not receive a response. I highly recommend contacting the The Yosemite Special Uses Permit Office via phone at 209-379-1858 as soon as possible to discuss your desired date and location, then mail in the completed permit application with a check right away. Within a few weeks you should receive your official permit for your wedding.
  3. Finally, you need someone to actually perform the wedding ceremony and a witness. Here you’re a little less bound to specifics. Luckily the Yosemite area has some of the kindest wedding officiants around to help you out. If you know someone that you’d like to have officiate your ceremony, you’re able to do that fairly easily if they are willing. This adds a personal touch to the ceremony too. If you need any assistance in finding an officiant, make sure to check out our list of local vendors or give us a quick call to point you in the right direction.

That’s it. That’s all you need. Anything else, not even photography, is needed for a wonderful marriage. Just these three things and the hand of the one you love.

Mariposa County Clerk’s Office
4982 10th Street
Mariposa, CA 95338
Yosemite Special Uses / Film & Weddings
Yosemite National Park
5083 Foresta Road
El Portal, CA 94318
Bride and Groom in El Capitan Meadow Elopement in Yosemite
Yosemite Engagement Session with Half Dome in the Winter
Couple walks across Yosemite Meadow at Sunset
Bride and Groom at Tunnel View in Yosemite during Winter snowstorm

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