Focusing on Important People

The secret it out. Yosemite locals have long known that it's not always easy to find peace and quiet in Yosemite during the busy seasons. That's why so many of us turn to areas outside of the park to adventure and explore. There are countless places that rival the beauty of Yosemite National Park that just happen to be outside of the park boundary. Even better, there are unique AirBnb's, VRBO's and small restaurants just waiting for you to enjoy.

Focus on the important people in your life without the logistical distractions and create a day you can all enjoy together. With all of that relaxing time with your loved ones, you may even want to sneak out with your partner and spend a few hours exploring some of Yosemite's lesser known locations for your own incredible portraits. Moreover, the intimate nature of micro weddings fosters a sense of closeness among guests. Rather than being overwhelmed by a large crowd, couples can focus on spending quality time with each of their loved ones, sharing heartfelt moments and creating lasting memories together. This often leads to a more relaxed and laid-back atmosphere, where guests feel comfortable and connected.

Another advantage of micro weddings is their cost-effectiveness. With fewer guests to feed, seat, and entertain, couples can significantly reduce their expenses without sacrificing quality. You have the freedom to choose non-traditional venues that may not be feasible for larger events. Whether it's a secluded beach along the river or a lake, or a cozy backyard garden, micro weddings allow couples to tie the knot in a setting that truly reflects their personalities and preferences.

Need help planning? Just reach out. We'll be happy to point you towards the best rentals, small venues, and even private chefs for your need in the Mariposa and Oakhurst areas.

Micro wedding reception at cabin in Wawona
Micro Wedding in Oakhurst Airbnb
Mountaintop Micro Wedding in San Luis Obispo
Micro Wedding Reception at The Alley in Mariposa

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