Surprise Yosemite Proposal

Kat and Ari

Surprise Winter Proposal in Yosemite with snow and Half Dome

Ari wanted to be able to propose to his partner Kat as the sun set in Yosemite. He knew he wanted a dramatic view and together we explored many options for the perfect location, before finally deciding on this spot with Half Dome majestically rising in the distance.

When the day of the proposal came, fresh snow blanketed Yosemite transforming a familiar view into monochrome. Fog swirled in and around the Valley with dramatic clouds nearly close enough to touch.. until the sun broke through the clearing storm just before sunset and washed the park in colors. With the last light of the day kissing Half Dome, Ari knelt and proposed to Kat.

Due to the nature of a surprise proposal session, everything must be well planned out beforehand, including alternate plans for weather, traffic, etc. For my clients, I always put together multiple back-up plans. With the incoming winter storm on this day, we had two alternate plans ready just in case.

Thankfully Ari had no complications getting to the agreed upon location for the proposal. However the snow and traffic accidents shut down multiple roads in Yosemite, creating a situation where I could not drive to meet Ari before the sun set. Thankfully I always have a plan; I switched from car to bicycle to quickly navigate around the traffic so that I could be ready with camera in hand for this perfect moment.